The play «Pijamas For SIx»

The play «Pijamas For SIx»

Brilliant, witty, full of unexpected and funny situations, the classic sitcom, in which the very idea of ​​turncoats and substitutions brought the author to the absurd. The dream of a spicy date with his mistress in the absence of his wife (NA Russian Irina Alferov) turns for the main character (NA .. Russian Andrei Sokolov) crowded party with all his wives and mistresses ...

Each participant of a love triangle is trying to safely get out of the situation, while getting even more complicated story. Two hours of good mood in the company of stars of the St. Petersburg and Moscow scenes, of course, is a good gift to the public.

Cast: People's Artist of Russia Irina Alferov, People's Artist of Russia Andrei Sokolov, Irina Polyanskaya Ekaterina Zorina, Kirill Ulyanov, Alex Utyuganov.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes


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