Gala concert «Palace extravaganza»

Gala concert «Palace extravaganza»

Wonderful arias performed by artistic and gifted soloists with strong and soft at the same time vote in an elegant room of the old house of Baron von Derviz - it is a privilege, which can bestow spectator theater "St. Petersburg Chamber Opera." By creating a musical project "Palace extravaganza" theater troupe tried to recreate the era of counts and barons, dukes and princes. Before the audience one by one appear the most talented stars of the opera, striking the imagination of the viewer is not only a unique solo performance or a duet party, but also the originality of the costume.

The concert program is replete with scenes of the strongest performances of the St. Petersburg theater. Most of the operas are awards and nominees are theater awards. Each play or concert "St. Petersburg Chamber Opera" is original and amazing musical performances decisions luxurious stage costumes and unsurpassed vocal performers data.

"Palace extravaganza" comes in front of the audience with his direct participation. Together with the artists walk away rich halls of the old mansion, spending time in a relaxed conversation and enjoying the marvelous arias. With soloists can take pictures, autographs and just talk. And the main prize of the evening - an interlude, filled with surprises!


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