The opera «Not only love»

The opera «Not only love»

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Winner of the St. Petersburg's most prestigious theater prize "Golden Soffit" in the season of 2013-2014. in the nomination "The best performance in the opera house."

Rodion Shchedrin, world-famous Russian pianist and composer, wrote the music for the lyric opera, to dedicate it to his beloved wife and muse inspired at all times - Maya Plisetskaya. He personally visited the premiere in St. Petersburg, calling it a milestone for myself and theater event. He was extraordinarily like the new version of the statement, the best, in his opinion, of all who had the place to be for the last 55 years.

Shchedrin, remembering the very first performance of "Not Only Love", which premiered back in 1961, called it devastating. The opera was not a success at the time, simply because "they were afraid of sex." In contrast to the "St. Petersburg Chamber Opera" modern theater, in which not only do not go away from the scrupulous, but also serving them elegantly, gracefully and with great love for people and the era of the 60's era.

Lyric opera "Not only love" - ​​it is a story about love, which is eternal and intransient. The theme is always current relationship as yet no one really said, what keeps the fragile canvas amorous entanglements and collisions. Amazing vocals, acting skills without too much drama to transmit life tragedy, many wonderful moments illuminated dance as if from within, irony and tender lyrics. Opera has become virtually a musical without losing its depth and characteristic vocals.

Libretto: Basil Katanyan based on Sergei Antonov stories (texts of modern rhymes used in the libretto)
Stage Director: Yuri Alexandrov
Premiere: March 1, 2014
Running time: 3 hours


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