The play «Name»

The play «Name»

Premiere! From the creators of "Ladies' Night"! The first show in Russia
Elegant French comedy in the Russian edition. About what? About life! Of whom? About us.

Whether with friends, relatives and friends often we remain ourselves? We - those who they want to see us. They - those whom we are willing to accept and love. Time and life erases the sharp features, we are together, we are accustomed to, and sometimes even joy. Memories of youth warm, but not worried. Everything goes on as usual. And suddenly, casually thrown word, ridiculous joke - and there will be nothing like before. It will not be worse, not better, it will be different.

Of whom is it? Who are we? That we all. And those who wrote the play, and those who have their places to play, and those who come into the auditorium. We all people. That dispute about the name of the new family member, he was at all. It is so? Remembered great-uncles, heroes, sages, governors? And How? Dubbed Masha? Sasha? Perfectly!

And we called the play "Name". Yes, there is a dispute about the name - it's a fact. The dispute witty, rugged, rolling on the individual. Everything, as in all: play the same about us - about the people. And you know the theater, and understand that behind this dispute is something else. Of course! It's a secret. And it is to the laws of the stage and life is necessarily disclosed.

The name of this mystery - LOVE. Intrigue? And how! It will be funny? Be sure!

Genre: Sitcom
Directed by: Dainius Kazlauskas
Authors: Mathieu Delyaport Alexander Lapateler
Cast: George Dronov, Konstantin Yushkevich, Maria Kulikova, Maria Ryschenkova Anton Eldarov
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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