The Golden Cockerel

The Golden Cockerel

Contact. Contact. Communication ...

The main character of the play of Lars Nurena - communication. In this story, in fact, there is no history. We are watching one day in the life of the couple. But life who have come for a common framework. Heroes like drowning in his hypertrophied love that turns into flour and the flour comes to enjoyment. Love in this case - is communication.

A connection can be different. From the psychedelic shamanism of the psyche of each other, followed by dancing on the bones, until it is ready to give for the life of another. Torture occurring in the figurative and in the literal sense. Rhythms of the psychedelic rock of Jimi Morrison put us at a real concert "DOORS". Where are we? The head of the heroes? In the Theatre? At the concert? It is necessary to understand ...

Cast: People's Artist of Russia Anna Aleksakhina, Oleg Andreev, Justin Vonschik Roman Kocherzhevsky Sergei Peregoudov, Honored Artist of Russia Yevgeny Stetsyuk, Kirill Frolov Oleg Fyodorov


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