Acrobatic Ballet Nutcracker

Acrobatic Ballet Nutcracker

An unprecedented event in a series of events the theater of St. Petersburg, a unique setting! Synthesis of the world of the circus and ballet!

In anticipation of the favorite winter holiday so want miracles - a real New Year's performance "Nutcracker" will open a new, magic atmosphere of delight, amaze fabulous transformations, brilliant dance ballet troupe, incredible circus tricks and spectacular stunts acrobats.

By staging the play was to attract the best directors and producers, produced the colorful scenery, special effects and complex acrobatics. In a new, original version of the Tchaikovsky ballet "The Nutcracker" at the same stage the audience will see a combination of classical ballet and the unique elements of gymnastics and acrobatics, which are organically woven into the choreography of the play and are united by action extravaganza.

Setting the viewer returns to the origins of the birth of the play, which was conceived as a ballet-extravaganza. Unexpected plot finds original vision artistic appearance of the characters, magical transformations, an impressive set design, new costumes and scenery - all Tchaikovsky ballet "The Nutcracker" - the great and eternal tale of the victory of goodness, justice and beauty.

The cast actors of the St. Petersburg Theatre "Russian Ballet", as well as masters of international class in gymnastics and circus performers.


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