Man and Woman. Stories of Adventures

Man and Woman. Stories of Adventures

The new effervescent performance in the style of pop art public's favorite, the famous actor Alexander Golovin appear in three dissimilar images. Spectators will witness the improbable reincarnation of the popular artist who melts the hearts of the fairer sex. A talented graduate of the Moscow Art Theatre School, so loved by the audience for the television series "Father's Daughter", charming Miroslava Karpovich surprise viewers entirely unexpected characters.

Over one and a half hours on stage, two actors try on different images and characters: the programmer, actress, student, maid, model, playwright - typical inhabitants of the city, the fate of which are intertwined in an endless pursuit of momentary pleasure. Lies, laughter, tears, inspiration, frustration, loneliness - all waiting for the door to the "History of the adventures of"

In the original directed by Sergey Efremov, "Stories adventures" was bright, funny and entertaining show. The King and Queen of Hearts women's passions come together in a fascinating story about the relationship between men and women.


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