The play «Old-Fashioned Comedy»

The play «Old-Fashioned Comedy»

Somehow, in the modern world it has become unfashionable to express their feelings honestly. All hide behind masks flirting, affectedness, and often for the shell of sarcasm and cynicism. Therefore, sophisticated comedy play about love between two elderly people already experiencing sincere sympathy for each other, but carefully hide it, called - old-fashioned. After all, they are going through just those high feelings which have long been out of fashion, become something of ancient fossils, somehow miraculously raised from the rubble of history.

And the story begins with the arrival in the holiday home of the circus artiste - Lydia Vasilyevna. And all Riga becomes ears. This restless woman manages to arouse the entire resort and beyond. She has a totally different daily routine and needs to be immediately satisfied. I want her to read poetry - neighbors do not hide. Dawn welcome - only the song and loud. And if the soul asks to hear the sound of the waves, even locked doors Lydia Vasilyevna not hold - escapes through the window.

Of course, all complaints received to the head physician of the sanatorium Riga. Rodion Nikolayevich first still trying to appeal to the whimsical mind of the patient, but then he surrenders to the mercy of the winner. Completely. That is to say, with all my heart. And now, vacationers and staff, with bated breath, watching the birth of a new holiday romance, in which not a word is said about love ...

Genre: Romantic comedy
Director: ZA Russia Alexander Isakov
Starring: NA Russian Era Ziganshin, NA Russia Sergey Parshin
Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes with one intermission


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