The play «Trap for the Husband»

The play «Trap for the Husband»

Everyone's favorite anecdote husband comes home .... But no, in this performance all the way around. The wife comes home and catches wife with a young, attractive girl ...

This performance - sitcom, where even a small lie gives rise to the next, larger and draws the hero in all the big problems. Trying to get out of a sticky situation for fear of losing his wife, social status and reputation, Laurent (Fedor Dobronravov) is a young beauty, like .... its Russian daughter! But Laurent could not foresee that taking on the alleged paternity, he will have to come face to face with the real mother "newly-made little girl" who, having decided to help - come into play Laurent than only exacerbating an already complicated zigzag events. Would you believe it, Nicole, deceived wife in such a juicy lie, whether it will be able to take and what finally resolved the story, the viewer will be able to solve by coming to our show.

Comedy by Fyodor Dobronravov (loving Laurent), Elena Safonova (as a respectable wife), Tatyana Vasilyeva (try on the role of extravagant Russian mother) - will give great impressions and unforgettable evening every visitor to the show!

Genre: Comedy
Actors: Fedor Dobronravov, Tatyana Vasilyeva, Elena Safonova, Elena Sinilova Philip Vasiliev
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes


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