The show-concert «Jazz Nights»

The show-concert «Jazz Nights»

"Petersburg evening of jazz"

«Real Jazz Quartet» running talented saxophonist Cyril Bubyakin, enchanting jazz singer Yana Radion and dance duet 'the CRYSTAL', whose work is distinguished by exceptionally high "St. Petersburg" style, musical culture and virtuosity profession, represent the residents and guests in the luxurious interiors of the Palace Beloselsky-Belozersky theatrical show program, consisting of the world's jazz hits of George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern and others, as well as songs from the musicals. "My Fair lady", "Funny girl," "West Side story", "The Sound of music ".

Cyril Bubyakin - tenor saxophonist, leader and inspirer of the team, a talented young musician, a pupil of one of the founders of the St. Petersburg school of jazz G.Golshteyna. As a solo instrument quartet can act as a saxophone or flute or vibraphone, which also plays a virtuoso KirillBubyakin.

Andrew Zimovets - St. Petersburg pianist of the Romantic movement, the winner of the contest of young jazz artists "Autumn Marathon". Performing manner A.Zimovtsa inherent virtuoso technique, expression and the finest lyric.
Nikolai Zatolochny (bass) and Egor Kryukov (drums). Collaborated with musicians such as Dmitri Mospan (Moscow), Alexander Mashin (Moscow), Dmitry Baevsky (New York), Clifford Barbaro (New York), Alex Hoffman (New York), Ilja Lushtaku (New York), David Goloshchekin (St. Petersburg), Gennady Holstein (St. Petersburg). Currently are regular participants of big bands «Jazz Philarmonic Big Band» and «Saxophones of St. Petersburg" at the State Philharmonic of Jazz Music.

Yana Radion - one of the most popular jazz vocalists of St. Petersburg. With 19 years of speaking at the St. Petersburg jazz scene. Sung in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. A beautiful voice, intelligent flow of musical material, allow effective appearance vocalist St. Petersburg to participate in many jazz projects. The "Jazz Philharmonic" singer regularly appears in programs Gennady Holstein - performs standards and Orchestra "Saxophones of St. Petersburg." Recently, a teacher of the St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts, teacher of pop-jazz singing at the International Academy of Music Elena Obraztsova. All projects related to the name of Yana Radion, causing great interest and become significant milestones in the history of modern jazz in St. Petersburg.

Add color dance duet program «Crystal» as part of Denis and Julia Sedyasheva Godunov.
Beautiful program in a beautiful palace!

Genre: Jazz
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes with one intermission


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