The play «The Demons»

The play «The Demons»

Inside each of us live our own demons. They may be different, as both the passion with pressing our lives, too, differ from each other. But all the same methods - the "divide and rule". Perhaps that is why the main character on the stage - twisted love affair of two young spouses. The audience for two hours, watching to see which can make exaggerated sense literally knocks down love.

First, minute by minute, a man and a woman immersed in a pool of his own soul, letting the light each of their demons. Their life turns into a deadly battle, the constant cruel torment, in which the soul rather burn than cleared. Here, the winner stands alone mad passion, which gives pain and pleasure at the same time ...

Each mise en scene of the play, produced by Denis Khusniyarova based on the play of Lars Nurena, full of tortures. And often the inner desire to inflict pain on others, even your loved one are reflected in the very real torture executions taking place in front of the viewer. And all accompanied by the music of the once scandalous Doors groups whose psychedelic composition remarkably underscore the perversity of the human mind and life, in which there is a physiological attraction to each other.

Director: Dennis Husniyarov
Starring: n.a.Rossii A.Aleksahina, O.Andreev, Yu.Vonschik, R.Kocherzhevsky, S.Peregudov, z.a.Rossii E.Stetsyuk, Frolov, O.Fёdorov
The premiere: 19 December 2015
Running time: 2 hours without intermission


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