The play «Bench»

The play «Bench»

Great Soviet Encyclopedia: "The play of Alexander Gelman's Bench - a masterpiece of social and domestic drama and sample" postvampilovskoy "drama, fully reflected the crisis of social consciousness of the early 80-ies of the last century"
All great Soviet plays alike. And today, they are very much alive. In the Soviet actor play prevails.

He and She - bring on stage the most vibrant, the most fertile of the themes - love. The era also, with its magnificent melodious songs, water dispensers and lack every second mobile phone remains in the role of scenery. And let, play genre is designated as a comedy. In it significantly more likely than just an opportunity to make fun of good humor.

In it a charming romantic, tense affair, and most importantly - a rich range of feelings from contempt to tenderness, from suffering to pleasure, with amazing sincerity, and more precisely - truth transmitted skill of two great actors. Do determining whether there is a border, whether there are criteria of such concepts as happiness, love, devotion, loyalty, dream, destiny, and so on?

After seeing this performance, the answer is each his own, or, rather, each will continue to try to find these answers. And the moral of each will own. How easy it is to find, but how difficult it is at the same time not lose the found, unable to find it even more

Genre: Comedy
Directing and musical arrangement: Nikita Grinshpun
Author: Alexander Gelman
Cast: Gosha Kutsenko, Irina Apeksimova
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission


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