Opera «So tutte»

Opera «So tutte»

"Cosi fan tutte" was written by Mozart for the National Court Theater of Vienna commissioned by the Austrian Emperor Joseph II. It uses a witty story, almost anecdote, about the officers who faithfully believed their brides. But the young people lost the bet to their old friend Alfonso's cynic, who claimed that the fidelity of their brides would not stand the first test. Universal reconciliation of lovers in the finals, happy ending - happiness is slightly ambiguous. Started by young people, a dangerous game, a tricky confusion, unintentional feelings, which have shown the imagination of any ideal, will hardly give a chance to the bride and groom to return to their former serene love ...

Mozart's immortal music, the traditions of sitcom, elegance with a touch of irony in costumes and scenery, as well as the transfer of time and place of action (in the play the events unfold in the resort town, "on the waters", at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries) - all this together creates a special attraction of the new production of "Through the Looking Glass" for sophisticated music lovers, as well as for the widest circles of the public.

The length of the performance is 3 hours and 15 minutes.


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