The play «Two in the Elevator, Not Counting Tequila»

The play «Two in the Elevator, Not Counting Tequila»

Parade of comedies for the 100th anniversary of the Great Russian Artist Georgy Vitsin.

Two men rush to their beloved women, inspired, well-groomed, with gifts. But ... there is an unforeseen circumstance! They are trapped in an elite elevator, an elite house !!! Will of chance, or the vicissitudes of fate? Stylish, respectable, rich builder-businessman and informal, living according to his concepts. What can be common between them? Are they different, or are we all alike in the depths of our hearts? How to be, if it's already evening, and the elevator has stopped ... The dispatcher does not answer ... Yes, and the society for each of them is incomprehensible, strange and irritable. As two unfamiliar men, being in an extreme situation, after unsuccessful attempts to start an elevator, they will try to celebrate the most feminine holiday exclusively in the men's company ... and what happens to them ... That's about this our performance!

Genre: Comedy
Director: Igor Mochalov
Actors: Denis Matrosov and Pyotr Krasilov
Duration of the performance: 1 hour 50 minutes with one intermission


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