The play «The Young Guard»

The play «The Young Guard»

The three parts, each of which - a separate volume of the "Book of Life". Two of the director, who was born from the interaction of a great show-reflection. Thinking about how to create a great myth of heroism, so long inspired millions of different people all over the world. This new rethinking the fate of the main characters, historical events, great cultural reservoir.

The process of the birth of the myth of great display one of the directors of the play, Maxim Didenko. Inexpressible plastic movements combined with an unimaginable cacophony of music and characters, often quite absurd. Text virtually none. It is, rather, living sculptures dance in a ballet performance. The tragedy of the moment is so impressive that the audience freezes in horror, while experiencing the incredible compassion for the characters. Catharsis, purifying and reviving the soul.

In the second part to the fore the real stories, captured in the archives, papers from the museum basement, yellowed black-and-white photographs. Memories of close and distant relatives for the first Young Guard, who were not only young, but also fearless. Dmitry Egorov, director of the second part of the performance, carefully studying the ground on which was built the mythical castle.

And the third part speaks for itself. That's life"…

Director: Maxim Didenko, Dmitry Yegorov.
Starring: Fomin, P. Marin, A. Artyomov, O. Afanasiev, M. Damineva, S. Karabulina A. Aladin, Voronin, AI Grigoriev and others.
The premiere: February 12, 2016.
Running time: 4 hours with two intermissions.


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