Chamber orchestra «Divertissement»

Chamber orchestra «Divertissement»

Created in 1990, during which time string ensemble has gained not only new artists, but also a magnificent leader. They became Ilya Ioff, a recognized artist and a wonderful violinist of the Russian Federation. The ensemble's repertoire has expanded significantly since then. Now, among the works of the era melodic composers of baroque or classical plays, the orchestra plays a lot of contemporary repertoire. For example, the song composition A. Petrov and Boris Tishchenko. Not alien to artists and electronic music. Very often, the stage sound works that are created in collaboration with well-known domestic and foreign musicians.

The ensemble received its birth at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, she loves to travel. "Divertimento" has been on tour in Europe, Japan and the United States. Wonderful creations of Tchaikovsky and Schnittke, Stravinsky and Prokofiev's conquered the hearts of listeners abroad. After all, the music open all borders. And to understand it did not need a language. The main thing - to perform a composition with the least loss of music content, meaning that is embedded in every passage the author of Rhapsody or foreplay. And the ensemble in his magnificent present composition is always possible.

Director: Ilya Ioff


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