Performance «The Islanders»

Performance «The Islanders»

Tragicomedy "Islanders", according to futures etude outstanding playwright Leonid Zorin, the author of such iconic works as "Pokrovsky Gates", "Warsaw Melody" and 30 great plays.

The island called Ithaca. What a wit so he christened his tiny homeland, today, no one remembered. Nobody remembered and on the Ithaca, and forgotten piece of land close to the geographical impasse. Its inhabitants have worked hard to have forgotten them. They are forgotten and safely. In the light and not forgotten. And these strange islanders so jealously protects his cherished sovereignty, could exist without worrying. It seems that blue planet, busy with their chores, did not know about the green lawn, once emerged from the abyss.

One of the hot, blazing half-day man, after ten years of absence, he returned to the island where he was born. His name was Elisha Sizov...

Running time: 2 hours with one intermission.
Cast: Alexander removed, Asya Shibarova Oleg Yudin, Yegor Bulychev, Philip Velichko.


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