Flamenco Performance «Legend of Joan of Arc»

Flamenco Performance «Legend of Joan of Arc»

Flamenco Performance "Legend of Joan of Arc" - a new job in St. Petersburg choreographer Natalia Zaykova dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the legendary Maid of Orleans. For the past more than five centuries, the image of Joan of Arc excites the minds of people around the world, finding new refractive art. She was called a heretic and holy servant of the devil and the Lord's messenger, Princess illegitimate and rebellious - and to this day Joan of Arc is one of the most enigmatic figures of the Middle Ages.

The action of the play takes place during the Hundred Years' War, a bloody wave swept France in the middle of the XV century. The French people, driven to despair by the protracted war, political intrigue and robberies, have kept belief of the Virgin, which was destined to save the perishing country. A young peasant, slave divine voice, Joan stood at the head of the French army, to lead it to victory. Crowned Dauphin and has raised France to its knees, Jeanne was loyal, sold and burned at the stake.

Genre: Flamenco Performance
Director: Natalia Zaykova
Actors: Actors Theatre Flamenco «Fabrica de Tabaco»


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