The play «The Raven»

The play «The Raven»

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A little bit of absurdity does not hurt, not only on stage, but in life. A show with a tragicomic story and fantastic events, seasoned with elements of theater of the absurd, it appears only in the win. The director of this version fyaby tales stage directions simultaneously tragic and comic story, Nikolai Roshchin, feels a certain appeal creativity Gozzi.

"The Raven" - not his first work using drama writer. Most of all, the director draws the freedom to create, based on the number of hidden and overt faces fairy story. In addition, like Roschin also the remoteness of dramatic works of Carlo Gozzi from a typical display in AMD's political or ideological situation.

Nicholas Roshchin, like many other directors of this kind, see the nature of theatrical art in the art, and are not in a constant response to social injustice, worldly troubles or political incidents. For it is important "purity" of staging, transformation skills. When he first came to the dramatization of "The Crow" in 2011, he found himself almost completely from the use of the official style of the theater ( "A.R.T.O"), which was going on stage to demonstrate performance. Roshchin considered inappropriate to use the elements of comedy in the style dell'arte.

Genre: Tragicomedy
Director: Nikolai Roshchin
Actors: Vladimir Smirnov, Zhiznevsky T., V. Zakharov, Polamishev, E. Nemzer, P. Teplyakova, Panichev A., D. Belov, V. Zakharov, Polamishev, S. Sidorenko, P. and Teplyakova other
Premiere: 12 September 2015
Running time: 2 hours without intermission


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