The play «Ivan and Devil»

The play «Ivan and Devil»

Somehow, it is now almost every second is willing to lead the confidence in the bright future of all mankind. Only here in the light it? And whether at least some future if follow this idea? Andrew Humpback, instsenirovschik and director tragicomedy based on just a few chapters from "The Brothers Karamazov," Fyodor Dostoyevsky, creates its own version of Ivan dispute with the devil.

It seems like everything is correct, a new concept that could save all of humanity, philosophical mood Ivan like crazy. And suddenly there is an opponent. And not an ordinary person of his brothers-philosophers. And with horns and a tail, but with hooves, tapping with impatience bridle get up to mischief and pride whetted by self-taught philosopher. Of course, the performance characteristics very similar to humans, but to each his remark comes to mind is the image of Gogol's devil.

That's all. Clean, seemingly, the idea of ​​saving the whole world suddenly becomes another excuse ... a world of evil. And why? The idea is bad? No, just the devil - a part of Ivan. The dark side of any idea that seemed ready to drag anchor and support thoughts and polchelovechestva in addition to the very bottom of hell ...

Here's a little story, a little ugly, a little funny about all proud philosopher dropout who, fascinated by the idea, forgets about those for whom all think - oh man.

Director: Andrew Humpback.
Starring: D. Zhitkov A. Momot, Didik AA, Voronin, Luchkina W., E. Semin.
The premiere: August 26 2015
Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes.


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