Gala concert «Viva Mozart!»

Gala concert «Viva Mozart!»

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart skillfully combined the rigor of the musical form and deep expressiveness. He was so passionate about writing music that tried himself in all genres and in all variety of musical forms that existed then. It is still the world enjoys his symphonic, choral, opera and concert works.

His music is intertwined with a variety of cultural and national traditions, but basically while still native Vienna. Austrian composer - unrivaled melodist. Each piece of music maestro - a sample of the Austrian national melodiousness in conjunction with the expression of Italian songs. Inherent in the music of Mozart and some pathos and drama, sharp contrasting transitions.

"St. Petersburg Chamber Opera" has prepared all the fans of art of the famous Austrian composer magnificent concert in the program which includes the most charming melodies overtures and symphonies, arias and excerpts of his most popular operas. At the theater with an orchestra and well known for their amazing vocal soloists will feature elements of such well-known works by Mozart, as "The Marriage of Figaro" and "Don Giovanni", for example, as well as the rarely voiced in Russia - "So all the women come" and, of course "La Clemenza di Tito."


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