Family musical «Night Before Christmas»

Family musical «Night Before Christmas»

The performance of the performance will transfer the audience to the village of Dikanka, where on the night before Christmas there will be events of mystical stories from the story of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. A fairy story, familiar from childhood, tells about good and evil, about human and divine, and about the most beautiful feeling in the world. Music, colorful, songs, dances will allow you to dive into the enchanting atmosphere of Christmas night and create a festive mood.

Amazing events take place on a farm near Dikanka. The devil, who has only one night to walk on the earth, steals a month from the sky, which causes a lot of funny and not very adventures. The witch Solohapryachet in bags of Cossacks, and the smith Vakularadi of Oksana's beloved is sent to extract royal cherevichki. The interlacing of the fairy and the real world, the Christmas rituals creating the unique festive atmosphere of this performance, pour into a bright action filled with magic. This story in a brilliant actor's performance, with a Russian choir and folk dances will leave indifferent neither children nor adults.

Genre: Musical
Composer: Victor Pleshak
Libretto: Oleg Erne
Director: Andrei Yegorov
Music: instrumental ensemble ZABAVA (live sound)
Duration: 3 hours


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