Manu Chao / La Ventura

Manu Chao / La Ventura

Tireless, never stopping citizen of the world seven years later returns to St. Petersburg! May 31 legendary Manu Chao will perform in club A2 Green Concert program of the newest and most popular songs. Albums of this artist sold millions of copies, and performances attract thousands of facilities in almost all corners of the planet. Manu Chao - Comandante real world of music, perhaps the most independent and unpredictable artist.

His song «Bongo Bong» quail Robbie Williams and Madonna offered to perform her duet. Manu Chao refused. I rejected it and offer to perform for French ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy, but with the same pleasure to play in front of fifty spectators on a small area and gets crowd of thousands at the stadium. The Russian public immediately fell in love with the music of the main anti-globalization of the planet with the first chords of free songs - it shows that the musician does not often indulge fans are a resounding success.

He is full of energy. From the scene is booming mixture of reggae, samba, African rhythms, and God knows what else. Manu himself calls his unique style - Patchanka. His birthplace - where the sound of the song of freedom, and therefore, on the banks of the Neva, he will feel at home.


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