The Play «Peer Gynt»

The Play «Peer Gynt»

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How many ways are open before the young man? Which one is correct? And is there at least one right? Can I go back and choose another one? In each of us many opportunities died, but we chose one thing. It's worse, if there is no choice, although who knows if it's worse. Who dares to break out of the circle? Who will dare to try everything and lose everything, just not to die of boredom? What is more terrible: the contempt of your loved ones or the condemnation of yourself - you could, but did not? And most importantly, when it's time, when you raise the dust on all roads, you'll stay for everyone and forget yourself, who are you - who will remember you?

"Per Gynt" is a mystery drama. This, perhaps, is the most accurate definition of it. Rebus, puzzle: all the parts are given, you just have to put them together correctly. As the word "Eternity" in another well-known story. But these parts stubbornly scattered kaleidoscope of pictures, changing from the slightest change in perspective.

Duration 1 hour 35 minutes (no intermission).


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