Musical comedy «L'Italiana in Algeri»

Musical comedy «L'Italiana in Algeri»

The birth of "Italian in Algeria" on the stage "Through the Looking Glass" - a fact quite sensational: the first production of this opera on the Russian stage, by the forces of the domestic troupe. In Russia it was staged two centuries ago and only by foreign troupes: it was staged by a German troupe (St. Petersburg, 1817, translated from Italian into German), an Italian troupe in Moscow (1822) and an Italian troupe in Petersburg (1829). ).

The brilliant lyrical and comic opera The Italian in Algiers enjoyed unchallenged success among the public, although it was written by the composer when he was only 21 (the first production: Venice, the San Benedetto Theater, May 22, 1813). The plot of this opera unfolds swiftly, as always with Rossini. The fearless Italian goes in search of the disappeared lover and gets into a cycle of adventures. She is held captive by the Sultan, who is obsessed with the dream of an Italian beauty and for this is ready to get rid of his own wife. To gain love and freedom, to return to their homeland heroes will be helped not only by courage and courage, but, as is proper in musical comedy, and all sorts of inventions, deceptions, cunnings.

Director Alexander Petrov and conductor Pavel Bubelnikov witty and ingeniously embodied the rapidly developing plot, the radiant music of Rossini, his sparkling details musical style, delicate coloratura of arias and sparkling virtuoso ensembles. Life-giving balm for the public!


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