The play «Love Ae as I Love You»

The play «Love Ae as I Love You»

Sometimes it seems that a whole life ahead, that we still have time to meet his true love. Or maybe not be so put off their happiness for a long time? It's amazing lyrical and tender story of two loving hearts, who in connection with the paradoxical coincidence lose each other for a quarter century.

The life of each of them goes to normal, but the idea that the separation, has become one of the most significant error, a constant reminder of the perfect. 25 years later, they meet on the eve of the new goda.Neobychny storyline and addictive game of actors, deep and poignant emotions of the main characters, cmeshnaya and absurd situation in which the audience involved and ...

Genre: Comedy
Director: Nicholas Bender
The cast: Vladimir Dolinsky / Boris Nevzorov, Lyudmila Nile, Marianne Romanov.
Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes with one intermission


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