The play «Playing by Heart»

The play «Playing by Heart»

Each spectator, in love with the theater, the dream at least once to look behind the scenes of the theater - smell the props, touch the scenery, see the actors as they are, to argue with the director, see the rehearsal, and on their eyes to see - how the miracle play of birth ...

The play "Playing by Heart" gives its audience a unique opportunity, inviting them to plunge into the real life behind the scenes, which has its own laws and its own rules. How can love and hate people who every day experience on the stage the whole palette of human emotions? if they do not seem all long familiar - and in life and on stage?

It turns out that on the other side of the stage are the same human beings, who, like all the others - fall in love, go on dates, jealous, intrigue and scandal. Actors as well as all the people who want to love and be loved - but it turns out, love in the lives of some of them only the role of ... Action postponed today, allowing the play, inspired by Chekhov's stories, successfully combines classical and modern . Lightweight and unobtrusive comedy give a good mood and will be a welcome continuation of the evening for all the spectators.

Genre: Comedy
Director: A. Bolonin
Actors: Fedortsov N., W. Rogowski, T. Isayev, D. KUTUEVA, A. Skobkina, Burchuk G., D. Sakas, G. Sushkevich, I. Fedorov, V. Ivanchin
Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes with one intermission


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