The evening of French song «Padam, Padam»

The evening of French song «Padam, Padam»

They say that every love story of its unique flavor. This story has a true French charm: it smells delicious coffee and fresh croissants, champagne, which flows like water and mysterious atmosphere of the eternal city of love. This is the life story of an ordinary man who loves, suffers and is torn between two women dear to him. His life is love - quiet, calm and faithful, and the passion that burns his soul to the very bottom and it revives one of its eyes.

Love and passion - two wings of the soul, without which he can not imagine its existence. But strict judge life makes it difficult to make a choice ... Should I choose? And that choice will affect his fate and his dear women?

Viewers will see on stage a real confession of men's hearts, narrated velvet seductive baritone Vladimir Kozyrev, and repeated in the music dance. This is the first moment the viewer familiarity with the genre of French chanson - setting meets the traditions of vocal style. Cozy atmosphere in the French theater, a small table in the cafe, at least the scenery - all serve to distract from the essential: an elegant handsome man in a black suit, his voice, story-confession and tremulous music of eternal Paris.

Genre: Concert program
Director: Alexander Moskalenko
Actors: Kozyrev, A. Moshechkov, O. Migaleni, Yu Godunov
The duration of the concert: 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission


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