The musical «Cabaret Brecht»

The musical «Cabaret Brecht»

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The new production of "Cabaret Brecht" style reminiscent of classical theater in the early twentieth century. This is a story about the life of Bertolt Brecht, one of the most famous writers of the last century, his work and painful attempts to find myself in this crazy world, how were born the most famous of his literary and theatrical works.

Yury Butusov is not the first time working with Brecht's works. Many of them have already received warm recognition of the viewer. And the performances in the Theater. Leningrad City Council based on Brecht put creativity first time.

In this case, the cabaret is a reflection of the model of the world. It gathered the most memorable characters from the works of Brecht, as well as real people, with whom the author had to cross into his rather turbulent life. Using parody and the grotesque inherent in classical theater, the young actors expertly delivered emotional outbursts playwright, gave viewers a look at his life from a different angle.

The performance is accompanied by live music. The audience will have a unique opportunity to hear the Zongo Kurt Weill written in BertoldaBrehta texts, sung in different languages.
This performance takes the audience a lot of fun and allows you to enjoy a wonderful spectacle. Buy tickets online in the Theatre. Lensoveta no extra charge on our website.

Director: Yu.Butusov
Starring: N.Volkov, S.Volkov, Yu.Vonschik, A.Zhmaeva, D.Karanevsky, G.Kochetkova, A.Krymov, A.Loschilin, S.Nikiforova, M.Ovchinnikov, R.Sarkisyan, T.Sonina, V.Favorsky, A.Filippenko, Frolov, M.Hanzhov, L.Shevchenko
The premiere: September 2nd, 2014
Running time: 3 hours with one intermission.


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