The play «We are all Lovely People»

The play «We are all Lovely People»

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Masterpiece drama by Turgenev's "A Month in the Country" into the hands of the master Yury Butusov. And comedy changed in the original show. What can you expect from the audience posing, decided to buy tickets?

The story of uncontrollable passion and omnipotent love, erasing the boundaries between reality and desired. Dimensions and certain estates Islaevyh life in a single moment dilutes the appearance of a young teacher. Alexey Belyaev is keen senses, not only the young the female, but also a happy housewife Natalia Petrovna. And she has the most to determine the price of his own happiness. It will be decided whether the main character on the mistake or will correct the longstanding principles? In Turgenev's stories a variety of characters and a flurry of conflicting emotions captivate everyone.

The musical setting is multifaceted. Melodies from George. Puccini to Nirvana's harmony with butusovskim chaos in the scenery. The whole spectacle turns into morning tea on the background of rural life. The tragic hopelessness and the world of dreams, unbridled passion and adherence to the rules of society are faced on the stage of the theater. And given the final choice of the viewer. Conversion of Turgenev's comedy performed by great actors theater. Lensoveta worthy of your attention.

Directed by Yuri Butusov
Starring: A.Kovalchuk, A.Bagrov, M.Sinyaeva, G.Subbotina, S.Pismichenko, S.Peregudov, I.Brovin, O.Andreev, G.Chaban, R.Baranov, A.Dyukova
The premiere: November 1, 2013
Running time: 3 hours with one intermission


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