The play «Three Sisters»

The play «Three Sisters»

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The play "Three Sisters" is a vivid example of a creative approach by Yury Butusov. There is nothing academic, it's bright, etyudnaya and versatile piece, with a complex storyline.

And this time Butusov not change his principles. He is convinced that this is a living statement of confession, otherwise it will not be a theater. And the actors try to play according to this principle, they skillfully manages. In front of you is revealed the real drama is felt in every cue, effect, decorations. Diverse music, numerous monologues and hysterical speech. The director managed to make a great modern, topical play, without losing anything of Chekhov.

Even in moments of inactivity, the scene does not seem empty. In the first place swim the usual household stuff that seemed emphasize the feeling of boredom and emptiness, from which so wants to get the Prozorov sisters and their brother Andrei.
Ordinary life Prozorov family full of poetry and drama. The audience will not only see but also feel the breath of this oppressive atmosphere. The dreams and illusions, love and hate, resentment and forgiveness, ambition and frustration thrown a temper harsh words aloud and unspoken feelings of all this gives the effect of a unique flavor. Each show will give viewers something important, to better understand themselves and their families.

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Directed by Yuri Butusov
Starring: n.a.Rossii A.Aleksahina, z.a.Rossii A.Kovalchuk, O.Andreev, I.Brovin, R.Kocherzhevsky, V.Kulik, O.Muravitskaya, L.Pitshelauri, O.Fёdorov, G. Shepherd
The premiere: February 4, 2014
Running time: 4 hours 40 minutes with three intermissions


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