Yuri Galtsev. Concert for her!

Yuri Galtsev. Concert for her!

Creative confession famous artist Yuri Galtseva - an open and honest dialogue with human viewers who have something to say. Excellent master pop genre known artist Galtsev felt the audience on the stage not as a distant star, as well as an amazing friend, loved one, which simply says something - for its ...

On the stage, except for the Yuri Nikolayevich, the viewer sees his students and creative minded people from the theater troupe of clowns and Garik Eureka (artists - I. Yaroshevich and Yu Mikhailik), a group of "Kronstadt" and others. And every actor increases the feeling that "their" is becoming more and the distance between the audience and the stage - disappear ...

The basis of the program amount to known and loved by the audience numbers that every time filled with creative rethinking and complemented by new products - Yuri Galtsev on stage is never the same ... Sharp parody and touching ballads, plastic clown numbers and laughter - the breadth of talent Galtseva not afraid of experiments and contrasts. A variety of genres covered, creative improvisation and, of course, the charismatic appeal of the pop genre meters - these are the components of constant popularity benefice Yu Galtseva, tickets for which sold out in the blink of an eye.

Genre: Concert
Actors: Pinnacles Yu, Yu Mihailin, I. Yaroshevich, c. "Kronstadt", students Galtseva workshop
The duration of the concert: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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