Flamenco Performance «Frida»

Flamenco Performance «Frida»

"Frida" - a performance-dedication, performance-admiration and love confession talented artist Frida Kahlo, who was able to his unbearable physical pain to reincarnate into the mystery of paints and canvas. The little woman the power of his spirit could develop their physical inferiority - every day, overcoming the pain of the wrist and the revelation of the brush she claimed the triumph of life.

The expressive, passionate and fateful dance performed and directed by Natalia Zaykova and artists «Fabrica de Tabaco» studio, could not be more accurately reflects the history of life and the inner world of physical disability, but a strong and courageous woman. Watching the deep and soulful dance Zaykova, true connoisseurs of flamenco will get real pleasure - because it is completely dissolved and the dance, and so close to her image of Frida Kahlo. It seems that on the stage - the artist herself-Mexican, which under the sound of a guitar, piano and percussion tells a complex but rich on the fate of inspiration. Passionate dance complements stunning vocal talent T. Shishkova - a unique performer, only to the expanses of Russia, which owns flamenco vocals.

The formulation used is organically fit into the atmosphere of dance paintings of the artist Frida Kahlo, who added to it even more freshness and realism.

Genre: Flamenco Performance
Director: N. Zaykova
Actors: N. Zaykova, Frolov, T. Shishkov V. Slobodin, A. Parfenov, Konyaev S., I. Parfenov, J. Elmo
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes without intermission


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