The play «Travels with my Aunt». Premiere!

The play «Travels with my Aunt». Premiere!

"Travels with my aunt" - a biography of eccentric English lady in old age retained his cheerful disposition and a penchant for adventure. This, by definition, the author, "serious" novel is full of comic situations, irony and grotesque. Henry Pulling, a retired manager of a bank in London, meets his aunt semidesyatipyatiletnyuyu the first time in more than 50 years.

She convinces him to go with her on a journey. They make the trip, visiting exotic places of the world: Paris, Istanbul and Paraguay, dealing with hippies, war criminals and CIA agents, reviving dull from a pensioner's life. He, with his puritanical morality, pays attention to the little things, think about the structure of the wide world around him opened, and that nice, polyphonic world. «Just take it easy.» Life experiences, adventurous easy slope and subtle humor aunt's gradually destroys the protective armor of Henry, his life changes radically.

The novel is written with great sympathy for the heroes and other characters, some of which are very colorful; to accept the paradox of their humor, you must take into account the characteristics and the tradition of "English humor" and time (the action takes place in the middle of the twentieth century).

Genre: Comedy
Director: Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Bolonin
Author: Graham Greene
Starring: Tamara Isayeva, Nikolai shreds, Oleg Yudin Nikolay Fedortsov Philip Velichko, Anastasia Demkina / Alexander Scheinin, Alexander had retired, Vladimir Ivanchin / Denis Saks.
Premiere: October 2, 2016


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