The play «Millionairess»

The play «Millionairess»

The name of the famous British writer and playwright Bernard Shaw is well known to the Russian audience. The film "Pygmalion", awarded the Oscar, and the musical "My Fair Lady", filmed for the same story entered the treasury of world cinema.

"Millionaire", undoubtedly, is one of the diamonds in the work of B. Shaw. It combines light English humor and fire passions, hilarious situations and uneasy life decisions of characters. Entrepreneurship, talent and wit of the protagonist - the millionaire is faced with a lot of obstacles, in the face of the men she meets. Who will win? And what is the victory? Of course, in love! The production promises to be a hit of the season. A dynamic, elegant and witty comedy, played by an easy and very funny brilliant actor's ensemble, decorated by the Honored Artist of Russia Anastasia Melnikova, will appeal to viewers of any age.


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