Holiday of fountains in Peterhof

Holiday of fountains in Peterhof

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The opening ceremony of fountains. Bus tour to one of the most picturesque suburbs of St. Petersburg has once again reminded us of the comparison with the second capital of Venice.

The palace and park ensemble combines the unique European architecture with decorative ponds, fountains and cascades, overlooking the Gulf of Finland. The Kingdom of silver and gold were created in the early 18th century to create a magnificent residence that would impress western neighbors of the great Russian empire. Small pavilions and palaces - the summer residence of the imperial family became one of the most exciting examples of architecture of the time.

The annual opening ceremony of fountains - colorful unforgettable show, combining the colors of summer with a front light lanterns, fireworks and high cascades fountains royal residence.

Duration of excursion - 5 hours.
Gathering the group and the administration of pl.Iskusstv 3.
End of the tour - from the nearest metro station.


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