Bus Tour «Kids and Beasts»

Bus Tour «Kids and Beasts»

The game begins with the first moments of the tour. Of course, the game is designed more on children than on adults, but they will be interested to participate in a fun acquaintance with St. Petersburg stone pets.

Stepping on the Bank bridge connecting the island Spassky and Kazan, will encounter zlatokrylyh griffins, which are located at the head lights, and from the jaws extend a special attachment for the bridge. Acquainted with these amazing creatures, tour visitors go further - to the Lion Bridge, where they are expected to have aristocratic lions with lush curls Baroque.

The next stop is the Senate Square where stood "The Bronze Horseman", stuck in the area since 1782. Arabian stallion under Peter I is still pressing forward, if not agree with the forced stop for centuries.

Sphinxes and lions embankments University and Makarov, funny frogs, lions or shi-tsza, as they are called scientifically, on the Petrograd embankment, as well as sung in the famous children's song finch-fawn. All small animals stone of St. Petersburg will come forward to greet his young guests and their parents. Sculptors and Architects, who worked on their creation, did their best and deserve to have their creations are not forgotten in any era.

Duration: 2 hours
Gathering the group and departure: from the area of ​​Arts, 3
End of the tour: the nearest metro station


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