KUBANA - 2015

KUBANA - 2015

Festival KUBANA Lucavsala moved to the island, situated in the heart of Riga, thus magically transformed into a real KUBANA "Liberty Island".

This year, the first adverts participants KUBANA-2015 have become a public favorite teams, not just up on stage festival and become an integral part of it - Bravo, Leningrad, Trubetskoy. The musicians of the group have expressed their sincere sympathy KUBANA, were always ready to support the organizers of the event, so the choice was obvious. Performance of Trubetskoy will become a premiere for all.

Music festival KUBANA six years from a local event in the Krasnodar region has turned into a giant musical event of international scale, annually attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators from Russia, CIS countries and Europe. Attendance to the anniversary, the fifth year of existence, reached 200 000 people. Over the past years KUBANA managed to win fame as the best Russian festival not only for fans but also with renowned artists from all over the world, from Japan to Canada.

On the territory of KUBANA-2015 are several scenes, camp, food court, pavilion autograph sessions, entertainment venues and the beach. You can choose a subscription to a set of the most appropriate options:

  • Abonement HOLA - Includes unlimited number of visits to any concert venue for any one day of the festival (from 12 pm to 10 am the next day).
  • Abonement AMIGO - Includes unlimited number of entries into the territory KUBANA on all days of the festival.
  • Abonement VIVA - Includes all the features of the abonement AMIGO, and camping services (access to the territory of the tent camp, tent, free shower) and access to the zone autograph sessions.
  • Abonement LIBRE - Includes all the features of the abonement VIVA, a separate entrance to the concert halls, a restaurant with a view of the scene, access to the territory or the usual VIP-tent camp and specially equipped beach.
  • UPGRADE-option MAGIA KUBANA and SUPER MAGIA KUBANA - Options allow upgrading of the purchased abonement. To upgrade to the AMIGO VIVA must purchase MAGIA KUBANA. To upgrade to LIBRE VIVA must purchase SUPER MAGIA KUBANA. To upgrade to the AMIGO LIBRE must purchase MAGIA KUBANA and SUPER MAGIA KUBANA.
  • Abonement COMANDANTE - Includes all the features of the abonement LIBRE, and the passage of the scene (except dressing rooms), private transfer from the airport / Railway Station, the city of Kaliningrad, accommodation at the hotel "Anna" (the village Amber) within walking distance of the festival (comfortable Rooms, meals, accommodation for 2 people in the room), concierge service.


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