The play «Brothers»

The play «Brothers»

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It is a different vision of "The Brothers Karamazov" offers a group of young actors. They carefully move away from a recognizable plot, change the scenery, bring their characters literally before the absurdity or "ideology." For them, Dostoevsky proved important not because of their literary talent and the ability to recreate the vivid images on sheets of books, and to the extent that he could look beyond the external surroundings, to penetrate deep into the soul of the people of the cathedral ...

The play "The Brothers" - a series of several vignettes strung on a common basis - the main setting of the hero, the senior Karamazov. Father brothers, Fyodor Pavlovich, represents the permissiveness generated hidden pride and excessive self-interest. It was his philosophical mood and motto, which is guided through life, scene by scene create a special atmosphere, which appear one after another, all four brothers, and Katerina Ivanovna and Hope Tolubeeva.

"Brothers" should be seen not with the eyes and heart. Just coming into contact with the "anguish" of the soul of each of the characters, you can feel the basic plan, which made young actors to take on such a difficult subject, as in "The Brothers Karamazov."

Genre: Drama
Director: E. Safonov
Actors: N. Tolubeeva, Paranicheva V., F. Diachkov V. Korobicin, S. Volkov, E. Perevalov
Running time: 4 hours with two intermissions


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