Circus Princess

Circus Princess

The operetta "The Circus Princess" by Imre Kalman enjoyed tremendous success since its first production. To this day, this work remains one of the most popular in the genre of operetta and always attracts the audience. This is not surprising! Kalman - consummate melodist. It strikes us sparkling and festive. His music warms his lyricism, dramatic plunges into the abyss, and literally takes the soul.

"The Circus Princess" - the love story of a circus artist with a mysterious past, a kind of "Mister X" and beautiful women. This love can not but lead to a clash of dreams and harsh reality. Moreover, all the vicissitudes of the dramatic story taking place in the attractive atmosphere of the circus and the city shrouded in love - Paris.

Youth of the troupe "Looking Glass" and the acknowledged masters of the stage performance played with enthusiasm, hot and cherished, as required by the Kalman music.

Running time 3 hours.


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