The play «Ghosts»

The play «Ghosts»

Pasquale, the Italian entrepreneur who tries in vain to make it on the fact that on this, engaged in a very questionable enterprise. He is offered free of charge a bit to live in an old mansion with ghosts. Instead, he is required every day to appear on the balcony of the house, showing all his views, he is incredibly happy, and that there were no ghosts in the mansion there.

His wife, like new housing and Pasquale on the moon that could satisfy his beloved wife. Only once in the house there is still a ghost. Pasquale tries to ignore it in the hope that the ghost quickly evaporate. Only now the young man, after all, is more than real. He is a lover adored wife hapless Italian ...

Gregory Dityatkovsky happy to put the comedy, which blends truth and fiction, convention fictional characters with real human character traits. Sitcoms, he said, in a single burst of scenic connects to the comedy of manners and characters. And each character appears before the audience in the comic mask of exaggerated ideas, fully laid bare the true human nature.

Genre: Comedy
Director: Gregory Dityatkovsky
Actors: I. Barvinskaya, S. Gorelick, DA squad, D. Lugovkin, Meshchanov R., S. Pivkin, M. Samochko
Premiere: 27 April 2015.
Running time: 3 hours with one intermission


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