The play «Fando and Lis»

The play «Fando and Lis»

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Grand Prix of the VIII International Festival "Istropolitana"

Fernando Arrabal, who wrote the play "Fando and Lis", is one of the most controversial writers playwrights of our time. The film, shot on the play by A. Jodorowsky, once almost leveled the entire festival. After the film in 1968 in Mexico, the audience not only defeated the cinema, but also drove himself Alejandro in the trunk of his car. This incident resulted in the closing of the festival in Acapulco for ever, and director "of the Fund and the Fox" was given to the court.

However, Ricardo Marin, director of the play, was able to move away from shocking the author of the play. He turned the "Fund and the Fox" in the tragicomedy in which the tragedy of human life resonates with elements of clowning. Ricardo Marin tried to convey the severity and virtually impossible to achieve inner harmony with oneself, with the world and your loved ones.

... Pretty boy named Fundo drags a cart, in which it sits half-paralyzed lover. The fact that Fox can not walk, does not interfere with her love and hope. Together they dream of finding a mysterious city, which finally fulfilled their expectations. On the way they are joined by three eccentric men seeking finding Tar. Only here until few were able to find their way in the city of wonder ...

Genre: Tragicomedy or tragic clowning
Director: Ricardo Marin.
Cast: Aladin A., S. Alimpiev A. Lykov, V. Kochurov, Perevalov E., E. Shumeyko, V.Karpov, Schipitsyn V., V. Kochurov, I. rustling.
The premiere: 12 March 2015
Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes without intermission.


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