The play «The Fisherman, his wife and the Fish»

The play «The Fisherman, his wife and the Fish»

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Today there is no child or adult who does not know the famous fairy tale by Pushkin "The Fisherman and the Fish." However, few people realize that the Russian poet is the author and creator of the idea of ​​the plot, but simply rewrote in his own fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.

According to the story of brothers storytellers, a poor fisherman caught at sea are not goldfish, fish and flounder, which proved to be an enchanted prince, forced because of this to fulfill all the wishes of the people. Good fisherman releases a magical fish. He has no desires, he is happy that it has ... When I got home, the fisherman innocently tells about his wife, who quickly explains to him how and what to ask for. As it turns out, unleashed human desires, generously flavored with greed knows no bounds ...

Because the scene peacefully coexist storytellers and their characters, simple and familiar to all from childhood story gets new paint. Their bright and full of subtle humor debates, dialogues that accompany the emerging right in front of the storyline, setting give freshness and novelty. The classic tale told in modern language, lively music, dance performances and full of bright play talented actors gets a new depth of interpretation. Play game is great for family viewing, for both adults and children find it its charm.

Genre: Tale
Director: Larisa Markin.
Actors: A. Artyomov, R. Galiullin, Karpov, AN Kuglyant V. Cheprasov.
The premiere: August 30, 2014.
Running time: 1 hr.


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