The performance «The Kid and Carlson»

The performance «The Kid and Carlson»

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This very ordinary story about a boy from the ordinary life of a typical Swedish family. Svante Svanteson boy's name, but they call him a kid. Despite the fact that he lived in a large and close-knit family, and was the favorite child, Svante felt very lonely and dreamed of a faithful friend, the dog. But instead of games with the dog most of his time he had to be under the control domoupravitelnitsy Bok. Everything has changed dramatically in the moment when the open window of the room flew the Kid Carlson, strange fat man with a propeller. Since then, the life of an ordinary boy turned into an unusual adventure, full of mischief and comedy situations.

New other kids is not the embodiment of positive qualities. Most of all he loves himself and jam, which should be plenty. For Carlson gluttonous and greedy. But the kid appreciates him for his kindness, sincerity, willingness to adventures and incredible charm. He doted on him. Together they walk on the roofs, bring Bok and catch criminals ...

The performance, created by the story in the first two books of Astrid Lindgren, raises the age-old themes of loneliness and the values ​​of friendship that can not find an echo in the hearts of young viewers.

Director: Galina Bizgu.
Cast: Humpback A., A. Emelyanov, Voronin, S. Karabulina V. Latyshev, A. Aladin,
 F.Klimov, Humpback A., Emelyanov A., M. Myasnikov, N. Shulin, O. Afanasiev S. Karabulina,
V. Latyshev, O. Afanasiev, I. Klychkov A. Momot, Srogovich M., I. Grigoriev, A. Didik,
M. Russian, Ivan Grigoriev.
Running time: 3.5 hours with intermission.


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