The play «Iron Doors»

The play «Iron Doors»

It turns out, and not just be happy. And in the evening they are often filled with tears, not knowing what was happening, because they have everything that you can wish for. Except for one thing - happiness. And then there is the eternal question: what is it, this is happiness?

The main character tragicomedy written by the director of the play, and the name - Happy. And, probably correctly. Because he is the owner of various goods: a young wife, beautiful, your own business, bringing considerable revenue, a huge house, in which there is everything your heart desires. There are, and happiness - not. Gone somewhere joy, desire to live and to strive for anything. Gone love. And after a few dives in themselves, Happy, a former scientist in Physics, decides to wind off his line in the opposite direction of life, to understand to what point he entered the fateful thus not properly once got into the dead end of disappointment.

What is it - a dream or reality? In reality, what is happening on stage or common allegory? To decide, of course, the audience, the sight of which a high speed train rushing all nine years of his life happy. His hopes and dreams, love and hidden selfish motives. Step by step, the viewer is led to the understanding of the causes of the deep frustration of the protagonist tragicomedy "Iron door".

Genre: Tragicomedy
Director: Peter Shereshevskii
Actors: V. Tsurilo, S. Balykhin, Chernykh, Nekrasov, N. Cherry, Kochetok A., B. Gakhov
Premiere: 27 March 2015
Running time: 3 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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