The play «Duck Hunt»

The play «Duck Hunt»

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Theatre Award Nominee for "Best Director" and "Best Actor" at the 17th festival "Christmas Parade".
Winner of 8 All-Russian theater festival of modern drama to them. A.Vampilov Irkutsk.

Anyone who watched the film "Holidays in September", with the great pleasure to go play "Duck Hunt." At least in order to compare the game of the theater actor Malyschitskogo game Oleg Dal, speaking at one of the main roles of the film. But the plot and staging performances attract attention and philosophically-minded audience. After all, the drama will discuss the harmful effects of the routine of everyday life in the creative minds of restless intelligence.

Who does not want at least a little to live according to his most perfect dream? Everyone. Only not everyone copes with such a model, not everyone is ready for the transformation and surprises that may follow behind her. On the stage - all, as in life, in the ingenious interweaving of extremes, humor and dramatic situations, good and evil, as a single Quintessence. ZILOV, the main hero of the play, passes through own crucifixion on the cross of events, people and circumstances. And only humor saves the hero, when all turns are not the best way for him.

Kladko Alexander and a group of talented actors tried their best not to make an artistic representation of a philosophical nightmare. Imagery and skill of reincarnation, as well as a wonderful subtle humor allow the drama occasionally spill over into comedy.

Genre: Drama
Director: Alexander Kladko
Actors: Shimko, Nekrasov, V. Kuznetsov, N. Black, A. Kochetok, L. Markov, V. Gakhov, D. Belkin, N. Cherry
Premiere: 23 December 2009
Running time: 4 hours with two intermissions


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