The play «Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka»

The play «Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka»

The basis of the performance Pyotr Vasilyev came just two famous works of Gogol - a story about the evening before the onset of the traditional festival of Ivan Kupala, and the story of the night's events, which happened just before Christmas. Lively jokes-jokes, mouthwatering Gogol's humor, folk traditions of celebrating Christmas and Midsummer, and the legend that existed around these holidays, will charm and amuse everyone.

And as the young actors sing! And as the dance! Not to mention the ability to "the fairy tale" and fun to organize. And the costumes they truly popular. And hairstyles in the characteristic style of the time. A laugh so infectious that even the most morose man does not stand the test of laughter from the scene.

Comedy directed by Peter Vasilyev and all the acting troupe invites the audience to join the amazing adventures Vakula, who went along with the small demon on a long journey, which lasted only one night. In the distant city with a strange and familiar name - Pimtemburg to elicit at most Red Queen "slippers", whimsical bride ordered the blacksmith. What came out of it and where zavedut changeable desires Ukrainian beauties, - tells a magnificent performance director Peter Vasilyev.

Genre: Comedy
Director: Petr Vasilev
Starring: L. Markov, J. Sarafannikova, N. Black, R. Izmailov, Prokhorov, Konev, Sokolov
Running time: 1 hour 50 minutes with one intermission


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