Grand opening of the XXV anniversary of the festival «Palaces of St. Petersburg»

Grand opening of the XXV anniversary of the festival «Palaces of St. Petersburg»

Mascagni "Rural honor". Concert performance of the opera

Chiara TAIZHI, soprano (Italy)
Sergio ESCOBAR, tenor (Spain)
On. Russia Nina ROMANOVA, mezzo-soprano (Mikhailovsky Theater)
Natalia EVSTAFIEVA, mezzo-soprano (Mariinsky Theater)
Grigory CHERNETSOV, baritone (Mariinsky Theater)

Chorus of St. Petersburg State University
Artistic director - Eduard Krotman

Chamber choir Urbi et Orbi
Artistic director - Oleg Slugin

Chamber chorus "Consonance" of the St. Petersburg State Technological Institute
Artistic director - Irina Shishkina

International symphonic orchestra "Tavrichesky"
Artistic director - Mikhail Golikov
Conductor - Marco GVIDARINI (Italy)

The musical part of the evening is preceded by a solemn ceremony.
At the opening, the festival will present a unique concert version of one of the most popular operas - "The Country Honor" by Pietro
 Mascagni. The stars of the world opera stage will take part in the performance - one of the best performers of the Santuzzi party - Chiara Taiji (soprano, Italy), the brilliant Spanish tenor Sergio Escobar, soloists of the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky theaters; A powerful choir consisting of: Choir of St. Petersburg State University, Chamber Choir Urbi et Orbi, Chamber Choir Consonance of the St. Petersburg State Technological Institute, International Symphonic Orchestra Tavrichesky. For the "Tauride" orchestra, one of the best modern conductors - Marco Gvidarini (Italy). Gvidarini is widely known in Europe and beyond as an outstanding opera and symphony conductor. To date, Marco Gvidarini can be called one of the most vivid and most popular conductors of modern Europe.

High aesthetics and expressiveness of gestures distinguish his creative style. His talent allows him to work with the most diverse teams in different countries. A prominent opera composer, Pietro Mascagni, was recognized and successful during his lifetime. PI Tchaikovsky wrote that "he (Mascagni) realized that at present he is waving everywhere with the spirit of realism, the rapprochement of art with the truth of life, that a man with his passions and sorrows understands us and is closer to us than the gods and demigods. He with purely Italian plasticity and beauty illustrates the life dramas he chooses, and as a result, the work is almost irresistibly cute and attractive to the public. " For the first time the opera "Rural Honor", staged in Rome in 1890, had a huge success with the public, won scenes from theaters in Europe, Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the center of the work is a tragic love story. The dramatic plot of the opera is based on the real events of the Italian province, where until the end of the twentieth century and even later there was complete impunity and heroization of the murders due to jealousy, practically, which was eradicated during the reign of Mussolini. The period of Mascagni's creative work coincided with the reign of Mussolini and he was very fond of his music and generously financed. Even though he was a contemporary and friend of the Italian opera genius Giacomo Puccini. Years later, melodies from the opera became hits and provided immortality to the great work.

Dress code: Creative black tie.

The concert begins at 19:30.

Guests of the concert will have a buffet.


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