Bus Tour «Petersburg Masonic»

Bus Tour «Petersburg Masonic»

What is scary and frightening word "freemason" which many - if not a curse seems almost? From the origins of the Masonic movement began? When and how the Masons appeared in St. Petersburg? Should we believe the Russian philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev, who claimed that this secret organization belongs to the best people in Russian society? Why Freemasons regarded themselves as the elect? What famous buildings of the city, you can see them secret signs in the form of a compass, a hammer and trowel? How Freemasons were involved in the history of these buildings?

Why next to the Academy of Arts installed sphinx figures? What we know about the secret life of the brightest representatives of the Masonic fraternity - generals Suvorov and Kutuzov, the great poet Pushkin? As it is a secret society influenced the formation of their outlook on life in general? As the Masonic movement affects the life of the whole society and its time? These and other interesting questions will be found in the course of the tour.

And in order to make it even more fun and exciting, all those present will be invited to participate in an interactive game - finding and solving a secret Masonic symbols, which certainly would be interesting for both children and adults.

Duration: 2:00
Gathering the group and departure: pl. Arts 3
Tour ends: at the nearest metro station
Discount tickets: schoolchildren, students, pensioners, disabled persons of all categories, veterans (with a must-have license)


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