Bus tour to Pavlovsk

Bus tour to Pavlovsk

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In a picturesque valley on the banks of the Slavyanka River, almost next to St. Petersburg, Pavlovsk Park is located. In fact, the park is divided into seven totally different landscape displays. They all converge at the former residence of Paul I, the rich and the beautiful Pavlovsk Palace. The palace and park ensemble has always attracted tourists from different corners of the world of man-made wonders of the art of transformation of natural landscapes and interiors royal chambers.

Sightseeing tour of protected paths Pavlovsk Park will allow for the time to abandon the usual worries. It will present unique sensation of contact with the era of life one of the great rulers of the Russian Empire. Paul I loved the extreme in everything, and incredible luxury. His wavy policy led to the assassination of His Royal Majesty, in which he was killed. However, even those who do not pass the case to criticize the military demarches Emperor stops in mid-sentence, they find themselves in the heart of the Pavlovsk Park.

During the tour, guests will be revealed incredible mysteries of the life of extravagant king, the reasons for his illness, the effects of a conspiracy. To acquaint travelers with the Order of Malta, whose secrets are closely related to the Pavlovsk Palace.

Excursion Time: 12:00 - 17:00
Gathering the group and departure from pl. Arts 3
Tour ends: from the nearest metro station
Discount tickets: schoolchildren, students, pensioners, disabled persons of all categories, veterans (with a must-have license)


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Bus tour to Pavlovsk
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